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Ralts is all around the area of Hearthome City. Route 209- Trophy Garden- and the passage to the left. You should try to get a girl and a boy so you can get Gallade AND Gardevoir. Hope this helps! :) -made by me-

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Q: How do you catch ralts in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get gardevoir in Pokemon platinum?

you cant get gardevoir but you can catch either ralts or kirlia and evolve it int gardevoir(ralts to kirlia to gardevoir to gallade

How do you capture ralts Pokemon light platinum?

You have to catch him in a weak forest. they're very weak.

Where do you catch a ralts?

Ralts can be caught on Route 209 in Platinum. Ralts evolves into Kirlia at Level 20 or catch a Kirlia on Route 212

When does ralts evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

at lv 20 that is when ralts evolves

Where do you catch Ralts in Pokemon Diamond?

you catch ralts at route 203 and 204 and use a poke radar

Where do you find Kirlia in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, you cannot find Kirlia however you could catch a Ralts in Route 34 and evolve int into Kirlia at Level 20.

When does ralts invole in Pokemon platinum?

lv 20 into kirlia

What level does ralts evolve on pokemon platinum?

Lv. 20

What level does ralts evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

at level 20

How do you get a kirila in Pokemon platinum?

well first u need to catch a ralts it can be found in route 208 209 and 212 an it evolve at lvl 20

How do you catch a ralts on Pokemon SoulSilver?

listen to pokemon talk. wait for an outbreak and go catch it.

What psycihc can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

abra and ralts are two of them