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once you have defeated all eight trainers and are on your way to the indigo plateau you will hit a cave, this cave is named victory road,(or so i believe) while in that cave you will come across a frog looking Pokemon in a spot, there are numerous guides i am sure to find the Pokemon once in there, one of my favourite guide/walkthroughs from Pokemon red/blue are "kodys kick ass Pokemon red/blue walkthrough" this is a good walkthrough, so go you YouTube,

look up

"Kodys kick ass Pokemon red/blue walkthrough finding moltres" its a good guide and i trust it, hope this was helpful!

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Q: How do you catch moltres in Pokemon Red and blue?
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How do you catch moltres in silver?

Not possible only in red blue and yellow can you get moltres.

How do you catch a moltres in Pokemon Red?

In victory road

What fire Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon red?

•Growlithe •Ponyta •Moltres (to name a few)

How do you get moltres on Pokemon Red version?

you catch him atop mt. ember

What do you do in mount silver for Pokemon HeartGold?

Catch moltres and battle red

If you miss Moltres on Pokemon red is there anyway you can go back to catch him or any Pokemon located in-game for that matter?

If you miss catching any legendary you can't get one unless you have another version trade you the ones you didn't catch Example: Since you missed Moltres then have Blue or Yellow give you a Moltres.

Do you need to catch motres in Pokemon fire red to catch Entei?

No, you can catch Entei without catching Moltres.

Were you can catch moltres on Pokemon fire red?

you can find moltres at the top of mt. ember. but i would recommend saving it just before you battle it +

How many legendary Pokemon are there in Pokemon fire red and how to catch them?

well since firered and leafgreen are remakes of red and blue then the only legendaries you can catch are the first 4 zapdos, articuno, moltres, and mewtwo im not sure if mew is in it or not i never realy got around to finding him

Where is Pokemon moltres?

In Red, Blue, Yellow, Fire Red, and Leaf Green Moltres is in Victory Road. In Gold, Silver, Crystal, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver Moltres is in Mount Silver.

Moltres in Pokemon Red?

Moltres is in Victory Road

What Pokemon game do you migrate to get moltres in diamond?

you get moltres in Pokemon fire red