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Missingno is a glitch Pokemon that is only available in Generation I

WRONG! Other guy who made that one up! It is availible in Emerald aswell! I just dont know how. XD MediaMaster127 never told me. I'm trying to find it too!

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Q: How do you catch missingno in Pokemon emerald?
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Do you know The Missingno code for Pokemon emerald?

no there is no missingno glitch in emerald

Where is missingno in emerald?

to make appear missingno in Pokemon emerald you need a advance map and make a grass patch configure to make appear Pokemon but only 2 or 3 and play the modified ROM go to the new grass patch and you will find missingno but if you want catch you need the master ball save before you catch missingno sometimes he disappear of your game

What do Bad EGGs do in Pokemon emerld?

In Pokemon emerald and other Pokemon games bad eggs are glitch Pokemon called missingNo. that will mess up your game if you catch them.

What is the overall best Pokemon in emerald version?


How do you glitch on Pokemon Yellow?

catch Missingno

How do you find Missingno in Pokemon Emerald?

i don't think that u can get it

In what Pokemon games can you catch missingno?

Pokemon Blue, Red, and maybe Yellow.Blueharrybro:Blue/Red/Yellow And Emerald but you'll have to hack now. If theres anymore plz tell me and stuff.

How to glitch Pokemon Blue verison?

catch a Missingno

How do you catch missingno in Pokemon Crystal?

you cant catch missingno but you can send it from red and blue I'm pretty sure but it wil turn into a ditto i think you can also catch glitches on Pokemon crystal.

You want to catch missingo in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Missingno. anymore.

Can you catch missingno in yellow version?

No because the man who teaches you how to catch Pokemon will not show you how to catch Pokemon no matter how many times you talk to him plus if he does show you how to catch Pokemon and you go to cinnibar island and try to find missingno it still will not show up ever.

Where do you catch gastly in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch one in Pokemon Emerald.