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Go to Kanto and go to Route 8 a pokemon with cut will be needed and you will probably have better luck finding one at night

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Q: How do you catch haunter in Pokemon Gold?
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Where can you catch haunter in Pokemon emerald?

You can't catch a Haunter in Emerald. You can trade for one, you can find a Duskull/Dusclops at MT Pyre, but you can't straight out find a wild Haunter.

Where do you catch Gengar in Pokemon diamnd?

You cant. You have to catch a gastly then envolve it to haunter then trade with someone and trade back haunter will envolve to gengar!

At what level does haunter evolve in Pokemon gold?

you have to trade

Where can you catch a haunter in Pokemon FireRed level 25?

in pokemon tower in lavendar town

Where to find haunter in Pokemon Heart Gold?

evolve gastly.

How do you get Ganger Pokemon LeafGreen?

To get a Gengar you must first catch a Haunter. To evolve the Haunter you have to trade it to another gaming system.

Where can you find a Gengar in Pokemon gold version?

Catch a Gastly (either in Burned Tower in Ecruteak City or in Sprout Tower in Violet City) and evolve it to a Haunter (it evolves at level 25). When you have a Haunter, just trade it and it will evolve into Gengar.

Where do you catch number 18 in Pokemon Ranger?

You can catch Haunter in Almia Castle or Oil Field Hideout.

How do you catch gengar in Pokemon Yellow?

Gengar can only be obtained by trading a Haunter.

Where can you find a haunter at in Pokemon HeartGold?

Evolve a gastly that you can catch in the sprout tower

Where do you get a haunter in Pokemon SoulSilver?

There's a 30% chance you can catch a level 19 Haunter in the grass on Route 8 at night. You can also catch level 16 or 17 Haunter in the forest region of the Johto Safari Zone at night.

Where to catch gengar in Pokemon Red?

There is no place that you can catch a Gengar and he can only be obtained by evolving Haunter via trade.