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Currently impossible due to the ticket that leads you to birth island is only given out during Nintendo events which the event for the ticket passed already just hope for another in the future.

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Q: How do you catch deyoxs in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you catch deyoxs on LeafGreen?

dude ur stupid u cant catch deoxys in LG because you need the mystery ticket or the aurora ticket

Can you catch deyoxs in Pokemon Ruby?

yes but i have no idea how i think it has to be a mystery gift event

How do you catch Deyoxs in Pokemon Emerald?

On your second trip tp space u will find him

Can you catch deyoxs on Pokemon diamond?

its imposible.hope this helped =] goodjack4 its imposible.hope this helped =] goodjack4

Can you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

Where can you catch mawile on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nowhere no hoenn Pokemon can be captured in leafgreen.

What do you do after you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch 'em all

How do I get an ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

"How do I get an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen?"You can't catch an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen, but you can catch it in Pokemon firered and trade it.I got my Ekans at route 10 at lv. 4

How do you catch a toros in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant get toros on leafgreen you need to catch one on firered and trade it to leafgreen

How do you catch mew in Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't get mew in firered or leafgreen.

Can you catch a Charmander in pokemon leafgreen?


Can you catch arceas in Pokemon LeafGreen?