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No, you must make trades with Pokemon red, blue, and silver to get 249. Mew(#151) is only given out by events or hacks.

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Q: How do you catch all 250 Pokemon in Pokemon gold?
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What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

Can you catch all 3 legendariers in Pokemon gold?

Yes but you can only catch 1 with a master ball

How many Pokemon can you catch in pokemonemerald?

There is 200 in the game, u can catch nearly all of them, AND u can trade the Pokemon from Pokemon Leafgreen, FireRed, AuqaBlue, Crystal, Gold and silver!!!!!!!!!

How do you catch all 3 legendary Pokemon in gold?

just look around and hope you get lucky

Can you catch wild totodile in Pokemon gold?

No, Totodile can only be acquired by choosing it at the start or by trading. Don't listen to him. You can catch all the starter pokemon and their evolutions on Victory Road.

Is it possible to catch all the Pokemon in cystal?

No unfortunately you have to trade some Pokemon for them to evolve so you need some one with pokemon crystal, sliver, or gold to trade with.

How do you catch a todile?

Tododiles aren't naturally occurring Pokemon (ie you can't catch them in the wild) The only way to get them is, 1)In Pokemon gold/silver/crystal as a starter Pokemon 2)In emerald after catching all Pokemon, talk to professor birch

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby to heart gold without pal park?

no all Pokemon transfered from GBAs to DS or DSI you have to catch in Pal Park

How do you know when you beat Pokemon emerald?

complete the pokedex, catch every Pokemon get all badges and symbols gold and silver then you hav beaten the game

Pokemon gold how to get all strating Pokemon?

you get one and then catch another and put it in a box and change box BUT turn of while saving. do it again and then on your third one you will have all three.

How do you get any Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

catch it

What do you do after you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch 'em all