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No, Totodile can only be acquired by choosing it at the start or by trading.

Don't listen to him. You can catch all the starter pokemon and their evolutions on Victory Road.

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Q: Can you catch wild totodile in Pokemon gold?
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Can you catch totodile in the safari zone?

In the Pokémon games it is not possible to catch a Totodile in the wild. You can get him at the start of Gold and Silver versions.

Where to catch totodile in Pokemon black?

You cannot catch it in the wild, obtain it, or find it in a special place. You'll need to trade for one or transfer it from the older DS Pokemon games.

How do you catch totodile on Pokemon emerald?

i met one (wild) wen walking pass 103 but didnt have a poke ball with me...

Where do you CATCH chikorita in soul silver?

Unfortunately, you can't catch a Chikorita in the wild. You'll only be able to find it if you choose it as your Starter Pokemon or you chose a Totodile as your Starter (in which your rival will choose the Chikorita). Or you can trade another Pokemon for it in the GTS.

Where can you catch a victreebel in Pokemon Gold?

You can't catch it in the wild. You'll need to evolve it from Weepinbell with a Leaf Stone.

What are grass blocks in Pokemon HeartGold?

Grass blocks in pokemon heart gold are were wild pokemon hide you may catch them and train them or you may beat them with your pokemon and earn exp.

How do you catch a Entei in Pokemon Black?

You can't catch it in the wild or special places. You have to transfer it from Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver from the Transfer Machine in the Transfer Lab.

How do you catch snivy?

he's a starter Pokemon. you can not catch starter Pokemon in the wild.

Where do you catch a wild turtwig on Pokemon diamond?

It is not possible to catch a wild Turtwig on Pokemon Diamond. It is generally impossible to find and catch Starter Pokemon in the wild. This was a mechanic designed to encourage player interaction for trading.

Can you catch any wild Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum?


Can you catch tepig in the wild?

No you can't catch a Tepig in the wild. You have to choose it as a as a starter pokemon.

How do you catch a todile?

Tododiles aren't naturally occurring Pokemon (ie you can't catch them in the wild) The only way to get them is, 1)In Pokemon gold/silver/crystal as a starter Pokemon 2)In emerald after catching all Pokemon, talk to professor birch