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no you have to migrate it from either Sapphire or ruby version hope i helped

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Q: How do you catch a grimer in Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you catch grimer in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to Route 212.

Pokemon diamond how to catch grimer?

grimer is in route 212

How do you get grimer?

You can catch him in fiery path in Pokemon ruby.

Where do you catch grimer in Pokemon diamond?

by killing someone

How do you catch a grimmer in Pokemon pearl?

Grimer (sometimes wrongly spelled as Grimmer) is a poison type of Pokémon. You can catch one in Pokémon Pearl by using the Poke radar on route 212.

How do you get rid of the grimer problem in Pokemon silver?

No, they are there so you can catch them :)

Where do you find grimer on Pokemon pearl?

in route 212 hope this helps

Where can you catch Grimmer in Pokemon ruby?

You can catch grimer in the one fire cave that leads to lavaridge town.

Is grimer in Pokemon ruby?

It is, and you can catch at Fiery Path. It's one of the more common Pokemon you can encounter there.

On Pokemon leafgreen can you find grimer in celadon city?

you can catch grimer in celadon city by either fishing or surfing. it says so on

Where can catch grimer in Pokemon emerald?

You can catch one at Fiery Path. It's a common Pokemon, so you won't have trouble finding one.

Can you catch syther in Pokemon Pearl?

NO you cant catch syther in Pokemon pearl