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sozza but u cant catch totodile in pkmon fire red. but u can trade him or her thru emerald as a starter pkmon. or u can have these chances

1. chances of a pregnancy *that would be an alien species of a pokemons breed... and that is possible- it happened when i tried 2 breed my snorlaxes bcas i had a male nd a female wen i caught them, and it turned out to be a baby kioga (bleve it or not!!! :O)

2. u might b able 2 trade it wit som1 in tha game * cas i havnt found dat person yet*

3. u can find an egg on tha ground *i found a voltorb egg on tha ground*- that was LUKY

4. o- wait... U CAN CATCH IT!!! i just completed tha Pokemon league 4 tha 10th time, and i was looking in water *wit a supa rod- i tried 5 times* then i was Surfing with a golduck and a WILD TOTODILE APPEARED!!! :O & :P
Totodile is only in Emerald, and XD (Whatever that is..). You can trade with those games if you're far enough into the game, though.

Hope this helped..
After u get entei suicune and raikou scrach your butt the end

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Q: How do you catch Totodile in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you catch a totodile in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't get totodile if you want one trade croconaw from colosseum then breed it.

Can you catch a totodile on Pokemon FireRed?

yes, by trading from Pokemon hoenn games. hope it helped :)

Is totodile on Pokemon FireRed?

no totodile is not obtainable is firered, but it is on emerald

How do you catch todotile in Pokemon FireRed?

To get a Totodile in FireRed you must trade it over from Emerald version. To get the Totodile in Emerald you must first complete the Hoenn PokeDex and you will be given a choice of three Pokemon: Totodile, Cindiquil and Chikorita.

How do you catch todadile on Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot catch a Totodile in FireRed. However, if you catch so many Pokémon Professor Oak will you give you one.

Can you get totodile in Pokemon FireRed without trading?

no sorry

How do you get a totodile on Pokemon FireRed?

You must trade with Pokemon collesium or Pokemon gold

How do you catch a cronaw in Pokemon FireRed?

You need to complete the kanto pokedex, after this Prof. Oak give you one of this pokemon's: Chikorita, Totodile (evolves into croconaw) or Cyndaquil.

How do you catch totodile on firered?

you dont catch it you get it as a pressent from oak if you compleat the kanto dex but the truth is cyndaquil is slightly better than totodile

Where can you find chikorita cindaquil and totodile in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant.

How do you get Totodile in Firered?

I don't think you can get Totodile in Firered

How do you get Chikorita Totodile and Cyndaquil in Pokemon LeafGreen and Firered?

trade or hack i think?^^