How do you catch Shamin in diamond?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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go to the end of victory road and find the hole were the guy is standing before you beat the elite four. if you beat the elite four he wont be there. bring a Pokemon that knows defog strength and rock smash go through the hole and keep going and youll find a girl walk up to her and use defog she will ten follow you then you keep going further in to the cave then you will find the exit the girl will leave then you go through the exit and there will be a place with trees and trainers go to the end of that place and there will be a silver rock and press a on it then go down and find the pace to surf. surf in font of the stone and there is a piece of land get on the land you will see shayamin it will disapear and then you get on your bike and ride up for a wile then shaymin is at the end. save and talk to it your best chance of catching it is at the start of battle with a quick ball.

by:vonas jogel

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Q: How do you catch Shamin in diamond?
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Where do you catch shamin in Pokemon diamond?

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Can you catch shamin in SoulSilver?

No, you can't. To get it, you must trade from any of diamond, pearl, or platinum.

What if you already leaded the girl to route 224 and you already clicked on the gray rock so can you still catch shamin in Pokemon diamond?

no! cause shamin would not be scared to see you again

How do you catch Shamin in diamond and pearl?

shaymin is an event Pokemon only and is not catchable unless you either hack the game or got to an event and unlock it there

Do you have to complete your pokedex to catch shamin?


How do you get shamin on pokemon diamond?

Yes but at end of the game

What is the shamin event code for Pokemon diamond?


Can you olny get it shamin being a girl in Pokemon diamond?


How do you do shamin's event in Pokemon SoulSilver?

If by "shamin" you mean "Shaymin", then you can't. It must be traded from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you catch shamin in platinum?

you need the Nintendo event

How do you get shamin sky form in pokemon diamond?

a special event

How t catch shamin without cheats on Pokemon pearl?

you need oak's letter and then you have to go to route 224 in pok'mon diamond, or pearl. I am not sure about poke'mon platinum