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Before you battle, make sure you safe because if you kill the articuno it won't come back. attack the Articuno until it has low HP. Then use a move that puts it to sleep or parlyzes it. This will increase your chances of catching it.

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Q: How do you catch Articuno on red version with a ultra ball?
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What ball is needed to catch Articuno?

I would Recommend Ultra balls.

Can you get Articuno with a ultra ball?

Yes. You can pretty much catch any Pokemon in any ball. I caught mine in a Dusk Ball.

What ARE Easier ways to catch legenderies in Pokemon FireRed?

To catch an articuno with an ultra ball you have to lower it's HP and put it to sleep... To catch a moltres you only have to lower his HP then use an ultra ball... To catch a zapdos a master ball is required... Or you could get a gameshark!

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black version?

You catch them with a ultra ball

What poke ball is best for catching a Articuno besides a master ball?

probably ultra or time or speed depending on how quick you try to catch it

What should you do to catch Articuno your Charizard is lvl 45 and your Zapdos is 50 answer ASAP?

first, catch a Pokemon that knows hypnosis. Then raise it's level to at least 51. Go to articuno. Battle it and weaken it, but don't kill it. Once you've weakened it, switch to the Pokemon that knows hypnosis and use that move on the articuno. While it's asleep, you use an ultra ball on it. Try to buy at least 20 ultra balls because that's how i started when battling Articuno and it worked. If you have catched it with the ultra ball. Then, BAM! You got yourself an articuno.

What ball do you use to catch artacona in Pokemon leaf green?

to catch articuno you use a ultra ball it is hard so bring a lot also you can use a great ball but that will require a lot of patience good luck buddy.

What ball to catch to catch Rayquaza?

Ultra ball.

Can you catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball?

Yes. It is completely possible to catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball.

What ball to catch uxie?

ultra ball

How do you get the legendary birds in firered?

For Zapdos: Go through the power plant and use your master ball, If Master ball has been used then attempt to capture with Great ball or Ultra ball. For Moltres: Go to Mt. Ember and climb to the summit and Moltres will be waiting. Use your Master ball, If used try to capture with Great ball or Ultra ball. For Articuno: Go to the Sea foam caves and move the boulders through the empty holes ( Strenght HM Is needed ) Articuno is tricky to catch. Use your Master ball, If used try to capture with Great ball or Ultra ball.

Are dive ball can catch Articuno in Pokemon Soulsilver?

I have Articuno I found that dusk balls are the best I caught it with it!