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Unfortuanatley, the Pokemon company has made the games so that you can only get Arceus with an event, although Hacking has changed that. If you still want Arceus, the only option is to get a certain event, getting the "Heaven's Pipe" and going back to the Spear Pillar in Mt. Corronet. Go to the symbol between the pillars and using the Heaven's Pipe. Some stairs will appear. Climb up them, and Arceus will appear.

Disclaimer: I have not tried this. I have only placed my faith in, which many have found true to their word. All credit for this answer goes to

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Q: How do you catch Arceus without a Nintendo event or a cheat?
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Is there a way to catch arceus in Pokemon diamond without going to a Nintendo event or using a cheat device?


Is there a way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum without going to a Nintendo event or using a cheat device?

no you cant

How do you catch Arceus without cheats or an Action Replay?

You dont you must use cheat to get the item to get the Arceus

How can you catch Arceus in pearl without cheat codes?

You would have to go to a Nintendo event, there is one coming up at Toys R' Us' in America November 7 through 15, 2009

Where to catch Arceus in emerald with no cheat?

its impossible arceus is a sinnoh pokemon

How can you catch mew without an Nintendo event trading and cheat device?

you cant

I herd that if you find all 16 plates in Pokemon pearl you get the flute that allows you to catch Arceus?

This is incorrect. You obtain the Azure Flute which enables you to catch Arceus through a Nintendo Event, or alternatively by using an action replay cheat device.

How do you catch celibi on ruby?

Without a cheat, Celebi isn't available in the games. You have to get it from a Nintendo Event

Were is arceuse Pokemon Diamond?

sorry but I'm afraid arceus is impossible to get without going to a Nintendo event, unless you cheat or trade with someone who has.

Can you get any legendaries after you catch girtatina in platinum?

yes you can catch shaymin of lvl 30 if you have Nintendo wi-fi and beaten the elite four without cheating or going to Nintendo event you can catch: Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit (lv.50), Dialga and Palkia (lv. 70), and Heatran (lv.70). If you migrate the 3 regis from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, you can catch regigigas at Snowpoint Temple. If you cheat (or go to a Nintendo event), you can catch: Arceus, Shaymin, Cresselia and Darkrai.

Can You Get a Arceus in Pokemon Platinum?

yes but you have to have a ation replay its a cheat game or go to a Nintendo event.

How do you cheat to get Arceus without mystery gift or action replay?

As of now, there is no way of catching Arceus without cheating or hacking.