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Try get it in the red zone.

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Q: How do you catch Arceus with a pokeball?
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Which pokeball will catch Arceus?

No pokebal are guarantied to catch arceus or any other pokemons except the masterball. If you are going to catch an arceus you should buy a lot of regular pokeballs, great balls, ultra balls, and switch between using them.

Can you catch arceus with an ultra ball?

You can catch Arceus with an Ultra Ball. There is no limit to what Pokemon you can catch with what Pokeball you can use. However Legendary Pokemon such as Arceus have very low catch-rates and will take a lot of time to catch and can take over a dozen Pokeballs. Using the move False Swipe and putting the Legendary Pokemon to Sleep is a common method of raising the catch-rate as much as possible to improve chances of a Pokeball catching them.

Can you get shiny Arceus with an action replay code tell you the code explian how do you know it really works?

you need the azure flute to get arceus then you need the shiny Pokemon code on your action replay and cloning code then many arceus Pokemon will appear activate the shiny code and there is a 20 to 40% chance to see on and catch on to catch easily use 100%catch with any pokeball

What pokeball do you use to catch kyugre?

a pokeball

How do you catch Arceus in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You can't catch Arceus. You can only catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum.

What pokeball do you catch victini?

Which pokeball should you use to catch victini. Well i used the normal pokeball but in my opinion i think that you should use the ultra pokeball

What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball

What game can you catch Arceus in?

You can catch Arceus in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you use the pokeball toy?

If you have a catch pokeball jush cach.

How does you catch Pokemon?

With a pokeball...

How do you catch Lugia?

with a pokeball

How do you catch a hoppip?

With a pokeball.