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Steelix can be found most commonly in the Victory Road, which is the road you travel on your way to the elite four. When you find it, the steelix will usually be around level 40-48. Water is super effective against steel, so bring a water Pokemon when trying to catch it, and try to get its hp low before throwing a poke-ball.

Fire and fighting type Pokemon are also pretty effective against steel, so you can use them if you don't have a water Pokemon handy at the moment.

Also, if you don't want to wait to catch Steelix in Victory Road, you can catch one in the Iron Island near Canalave. They are around levels 30-33. Just talk to the sailor who's standing near the boat and he will sail you off to the island. I believe that Steelix can be found in B2F (left) or B3F. They are really uncommon, so it might take a while to find one. Good luck searching (=






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Q: How do you capture steelix in platinum?
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On which level does Steelix learn Fire Fang in Pokemon Platinum?

AnswerIn Pokemon Platinum, Fire Fang is a base move of Steelix's. This means that if Steelix does not have Fire Fang in its moveset upon capture, you can take it to the Move Tutor in Pastoria City (on any level) and teach it to Steelix again.

What is the best Pokemon that you can get on Pokemon Platinum?


How do you capture Steelix in Pokemon explorers of darkness?

u die

What safari zone can you catch steelix?

You cannot capture a Steelix in anywhere, much less a Safari Zone. The only way to get a Steelix is to trade an Onix with a Metal Coat attached. In the HeartGold and SoulSilver versions, you can also get trade for her Steelix after you battle Jasmine for a rematch.

In Pokemon platinum how do you turn your onyx into a steelyx?

you can catch a steelix at iron island

Where is the steelix in Pokemon light platinum?

508 You will need Fire Blow and it will be in between the two rotten logs

What Pokemon does Bryon have Pokemon Platinum?

A lv.37 Magneton, a lv. 38 Steelix, and a Lv. 41 Bastiodon.

How do you capture bulbasaur?

You cannot capture Bulbasaur in Diamond or Pearl (not sure about Platinum).

Can you capture Groudon in Platinum?

No, you can't. You can capture it only in Ruby and Emerald and then migrate it.

How do you capture darkie in Pokemon platinum?

its not darkiye

What is the gim leader's Pokemon for canalave city in platinum?

Magneton Lv37, Steelix Lv38, and Bastiodon Lv41 Hope this helps!

What Pokemon evolves into steelix on platinum?

the same one that evolves into it in any other game! Onix! I pray you didn't mean this...