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You go into the cave on Dew port island after you beat the gym leader bulky and go down the stairs use flash(to get flash talk to the hiker at the beginning of the cave)and you'll eventually find sableye(he is very rare).

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Q: How do you capture sableye in Pokemon sapphire?
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What does a sableye evolve into on Pokemon Sapphire?

Sableye does not evolve.

How do you get sableye in Pokemon pearl?

To get Sableye in Pokemon Pearl you will need a copy of Pokemon Sapphire. Insert Pokemon Sapphire into the GBA slot of the DS and turn it on. When you load into Pokemon Pearl wild Sableye should start appearing at Iron Island as long as Pokemon Sapphire is in the GBA slot.

Where is Sableye in Pokemon Ruby?

Sableye isn't available in Pokemon ruby. Only in Pokemon Sapphire. You need to trade it in.

Can Arceus or Sabeye be caught in Pokemon Pearl?

An Action Replay is needed for Arceus to activate its event and you can capture a Sableye on Iron Island with Pokemon Sapphire inserted in the GBA slot.

How do you get sableye in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can migrate from ruby/sapphire or trade.

Can you get a sableye on Pokemon pearl?

national Dex have sapphire in and iron island

Where you found sableye Pokemon Ruby?

Trade from Sapphire or use a Gameshark code

What extra Pokemon do you get in Pokemon Diamond with Sapphire in the cartridge slot?

You can get Lotad, Lombre, Sableye, Seviper and Lunatone.

When does sableye evolve in sapphire?

sableye does not evolve

When will you battle Kyogre for your chance to capture it in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire?

You battle Kyogre for your chance to capture it in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire after you capture the groudon.

What are the cheat codes to capture all legendary pokemons-Pokemon Sapphire?

uhi8ii9ihih what are the cheat codes to capture all ledgendary pokemons-pokemon sapphire

Where can you catch sableye in Pokemon Platinum?

at iron island B1f2 but you have to have pokemojn sapphire in the gameboy slot or just migrate it