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greenleaf version does not exist. on the other hand leafgreen does! now on LEAFGREEN VERSION, raquaza cannot be caught, haha too bad for you. no I'm just kidding (about the too bad part that is, plus it can't be caught), you have to trade for it.

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Q: How do you capture Rayquaza on Pokemon greenleaf?
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What is there to do after you capture Rayquaza on Pokemon Ranger?


What to do after you get the master ball in Pokemon emerald?

capture legendary Pokemon like rayquaza.

Where to capture Rayquaza in Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

You cannot capture Raquaza in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia, but you can in the first Pokemon Ranger game.

Can you still catch Rayquaza after it is raining?

You capture Rayquaza only after that cutscene..after the three legyendaries fight in sootopolis,U have to come back to skypillar and have to capture case you lost that chance by making the Pokemon faint or fleeing the can always use gameshark codes to get Pokemon in the wild.

Can you capture a Rayquaza on Pokemon black or white?

No. You have to either get it in HeartGold or SoulSilver or transfer it from Emerald.

What do you do in the sky pillar in Pokemon ruby?

Ride the Mach Bike up the pillar when you get to the top you can capture Rayquaza.

Can you capture Rayquaza after it faints you?

No,you can't,like all legendary Pokemon if you faint it or if she beats you can't capture her. So save the game before you try it.

How do you catch Rayquaza if you kill it?

You Can. When you knock out a Pokemon, the Pokemon has fainted and cannot be captured Until you re beat the pokemon league. In the case of one time showing Pokemon (legendaries just like Rayquaza), if you knock it out, you can capture it without restarting the game and going all the way back to the point to capture it. I personally always save the game before I ever battle a legendary Pokemon, and if i successfully capture the Pokemon, i save the game right after i get it to avoid an accidental loss of data.

Where do you find raykquaza in Pokemon HeartGold?

First get Kyogre and Groudon then you'll be able to battle Rayquaza and, if you're lucky, you can then capture him!

What do you do after when you capture Groudon in Pokemon soul silver?

You can try to get the other kind of orb which will get you kyogre and after you get kyogre you can go back there and get rayquaza.

How do you get a black Rayquaza in emerald?

Black rayquaza is the shiny color of a regular green rayquaza to capture it as a black rayquaza it takes 1 out of 8000 chances for it to appear in sky pillar when it does appear you capture it just like the normal rayquaza.

What is the best Pokemon on ruby?

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby without a cheat code or cheat help is Rayquaza and if you want to find out how to find him and capture him go to my website called(