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Technically you can't, but right when the first person arrives you can "Ask Everyone to Leave" and they'll all go home without anyone getting married yet. Your sim will eventually get an unhappy moodlet that they missed the wedding party :/

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Q: How do you cancel a wedding party on sims 3?
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How do you make a wedding in sims 3?

You throw a party when you propose. When you throw a party you select the wedding option. You can also have a private wedding when you interact.

Can your sims get married at a community wedding chapel?

No, not so far in the sims 3 you can't. You can have a wedding party at any community location though, and get married anywhere in your sims 3 town!

How do you have a wedding on the sims 3?

Get your sims engaged ,the best place to get married is the beach, get one of your sims to throw a party at when the party planner comes up click on the kind of party you want to have click wedding then everything else then !♥☺

How do sims get married on Sims 3 pets?

The same way you get married before. Get engaged then you can either get a private wedding (if they have that in the base game) or host a party, choose wedding party, buy a wedding arch and place it somewhere in your sim's yard, and finally when the party starts and all the guests have arrived you click on the wedding arch and choose "get married".

How do sims 3 get married?

keep doing a lot of romantic interactions, and eventually the "propose marriage" option will appear. after you do that they can have a "private wedding" or use a phone to throw a party and have a wedding party

How do you have a wedding in the Sims 3?

You need to be engaged, to your lover. Once your lover thinks your 'extremely unrisistable', the option of 'Private Wedding' will appear. You can also use your phone and throw a party for your wedding.

Where on sims can you get the marriage arcs?

On Sims 2 you can buy wedding arches in the 'buy catalogue' under party i think. On My Sims you cannot get married, i don't think. On Sims 3 you have to go to a church. Hope i helped

How do you make sims get married on The Sims 3?

You Either already have them married in the create a character or, you make two sim's have really good relation ship and then they can get married. P.S you can have a private wedding or you can make a wedding party on the phone.

You know how to through a wedding party but how can you get your Sims to do the kiss the bride thing Sims 3?

#1:First click on phone. #2: On party type, click Wedding Party. #3: Once your party starts, get the bride/groom and click on the person its marrying, and click on Exchange Rings. That's pretty much it, the couple is now married. Good luck!!!!!

How do you get peoplel to come to your wedding on Sims 3?

You have to use the phone and click throw party... wedding party. Then just choose guests to invite. You have to have a high enough relationship for them to attend, or the legendary host trait. Hope that helps!

How do you get marrid in sims 3?

try to max out your relations with the other player, chose first kiss or confess attraction to boost your relation to romantic interest then propose, chose private wedding or throw a party and chose wedding party

Can you get married in The Sims 2?

Yes they can. This is how they get married: 1. Build up the relationship between the two sims really high (the top) 2. Get one of the sims to click on the other and click Propose...Engagment 3. If you want to have a wedding party, click on the phone and click. "Have a party" followed by "Wedding party". Then go to Buy mode and buy the wedding arch. If you don't want to have a party, just click on the Sim again and click "Propose" followed by "get married".