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Well you need to make something that looks like hole but, underground .

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Q: How do you build the presicely portal for minecraft?
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How do you build an aether portal on minecraft?

its a mod

Where to build the portal to the nether in Minecraft?

Build it anywhere, the location doesn't really matter.

How do you build an end portal in minecraft?

There is no way to build an end portal except on creative mode, instead you must find a stronghold which contains a portal using eyes of ender. The portal must be activated with 12 eyes of ender before you can travel to the end.

How do you get on the Netherlands on creative mode in minecraft?

What the heck are the Netherlands? If you mean the Nether, then you get there through a Nether Portal. Plus you don't have to be in creative.

Can you make portal on Minecraft creative mode?

Yes, you can build a Nether Portal in exactly the same way as you'd do in survival mode.

Is real player is a portal?

unless your playing minecraft portal mod and portal

How do you get to aether in Minecraft?

The Aether is part of a mod for Minecraft; to explore it, you must first install the mod and its prerequisites.Once you have installed the mods, you must build a portal to the Aether. This works the same as a Nether portal, but with different materials. Build a rectangular frame four blocks wide and five blocks tall with glowstone, and pour a bucket of water into the middle of it. This will create an Aether portal, which can transport you to the Aether dimension in a similar manner to the Nether portal.

What are the names of the portals in Minecraft?

There are 2 portals you can craft in Minecraft. The Nether Portal and The End Portal.

How do you get to the nether without a portal minecraft?

In order to to the nether you need a portal.

How do you build the portal to the nether in Minecraft for pe?

You can't the nether isn't implemented yet but you can get netherack, zombie pigmen, and glowstone by making a nether reactor

How do you make a end portal in minecraft creative?

Build schematic as follows:This is a view from above.Since it is creative, search up the Ender portal block in your inventory.The eyes that are placed last must all be facing inward.e = end portal blockeeee ee ee eeee

What is the id for the portal block in minecraft?

The actual Portal's ID is 90. The frame of the portal, Obsidian's ID is 49.