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There is no way to build an end portal except on creative mode, instead you must find a stronghold which contains a portal using eyes of ender. The portal must be activated with 12 eyes of ender before you can travel to the end.

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Q: How do you build an end portal in minecraft?
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How do you build an aether portal on minecraft?

its a mod

What are the names of the portals in Minecraft?

There are 2 portals you can craft in Minecraft. The Nether Portal and The End Portal.

Where to build the portal to the nether in Minecraft?

Build it anywhere, the location doesn't really matter.

How do you build an end portal in creative mode on minecraft?

First you need the actual portal itself.Do this command:/give 119 9Note that the End portal looks like 2d wool in your inventoryThen place the End portal's in a 3x3 square.If your in creative mode find the End portal frame and put it all around the End portal, including the corners if you want.If your in survival mode do this command:/give 120 16.Then you put it around the End portal.

What is the ID code for an end portal block?

120 is the Minecraft I.D. code for the end portal frame.

How do you make a end portal in minecraft creative?

Build schematic as follows:This is a view from above.Since it is creative, search up the Ender portal block in your inventory.The eyes that are placed last must all be facing inward.e = end portal blockeeee ee ee eeee

What portals work in creativity mode on minecraft?

The nether portal and the newest one, the end portal.

How do you get the end portal on Minecraft to work?

You have to put 12 eyes of ender in each of the portal blocks. Then, it should activate.

Where do you find an enderdragon in minecraft?

You have to find an End-Portal in a stronghold. The probablility of finding a stronghold with an End-Portal in it is small. Because there are 3 strongholds per map, and there is 1 end-portal per game.

How do you get out of the end in minecraft if you destroyed the portal?

You shouldn't be able to, first off. But if you somehow smashed bedrock and all the portal blocks, you have to die to leave the End.

How do you summon the dragon in minecraft?

You dont summon it you go to the end portal and go to the end and fight it

How do you get out of the end on Minecraft?

The End dimension can be left if the Ender Dragon is killed, and a portal is created, or if you die.