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You can't build above the 5th floor.

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Q: How do you build above the fifth floor in Sims 2?
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How do you build a two story foyer in the sims 2 for PC?

Build a foyer normally like you would. Then upstairs do not build a carpet or any floor directly above it. Leave the room above the foyer empty.

How do you make a second floor on sims 3?

You have to go to the build section and buy stairs and then you have to make a floor.

Can you have a second floor in the sims 2 for ps2?

yes you just have to build it i think

How do you make second floor on sims 3?

When your in the build mode, just click on the floor boutton in the bottom left with the up arrow.

How do you build a two story house on sims 2 for ps2?

The Sims 2 for PS2 Players can only build one-floor houses, unlike the PC version which allows multiple floors.

The sims 2 pets How do you make a 2 storey building?

first build the bottom floor the place some stairs in the bottom floor the press the go up a level button then build around the second floor and there you go! :D

Can you build a two story house on sims for computer?

Yes you can, Just add walls and a floor. I hope it helps :)

Can you have 5 story houses on sims 2 for PC?

Just build a bottom floor, make sure you have enough space and then go up a story and then build a floor on that story and so on until you have five floors !

The Sims 3 how can you build a boat?

You can not build boats in the sims 3

Can you build roads on sims?

no u cant build roads on sims :) :) ;) ;)

How do you get another floor in your house on the game The Sims 3?

You have to go to 'build mode' and get stairs, place them were you want. Its easier if you do everything in build mode before putting furniture in. :D xx

Where to put the models on the sims 2?

The best way to model Sims is to build them a white floor that isn't distracting. Then you can use it and a nice pose to screenshot your creation you are modeling and use it to get people to download your creation.