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Just collect the stones and sticks you find lying on the ground.

Toss those in the shape of a square on your field. Your character and jump over the fence but animals will be stuck inside.

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Q: How do you build a chicken fence in harvest moon boy and girl?
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You have to bye a chicken. Once you have your chicken they will give eggs. You can eat the eggs, sell them , or cook them in the hot spring. :)

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i think you can't get a boat in Harvest Moon Boy And GIrl ( not sure )

Does girl version end in harvest moon?

That depends on what Harvest Moon game you are playing. If you are playing Harvest Moon Boy & Girl, then yes the game will end after you get married.

Harvest moon boy and girl?

Harvest moon boy and girl is a farming game and is realy fun you should play!!!!

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You have to check the harvest sprite shopping channel.

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There are no characters named Nina and Galen in Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl. Nina and Galen appear in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, Harvest Moon DS, and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

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You can't. In Harvest Moon A Wonderful LIfe you are only a boy, In Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life you are only a girl.

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You cant! you have to buy harvest moon ds cute