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You could make it so it looks like one or use the craft controller mod OR get a plane/zeppelin/helicopter mod.

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Q: How do you build a airship on minecraft?
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Is airship mod for Minecraft 1.7?

Yes. As of Beta 1.7.2, the Steampunk Airship mod, created by Pchan3, is updated to work in Minecraft. You can find it below:

How do you make an airship in Minecraft?

install the zeplin mod

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What to build in Minecraft?

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How do you build Minecraft?

You can build structures in Minecraft by placing blocks you find throughout the game. (MOUSE2 by default)

How do you make a spaceship in minecraft?

Well first you need to install the Steampunk Airship mod. The airship is not part of the vanilla game. You can find the mod with the link below, including the crafting recipe for making it after you have installed the mod.

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Go to a site called minecraft wiki

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