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there are none

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Q: How do you build a watering can in minecraft?
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What can you build in Minecraft?

You can build anything ! but the best will be to build a auto smelter, Here is a link to the tutorial....

What to build in Minecraft?

Build a city of your own!

How do you build Minecraft?

You can build structures in Minecraft by placing blocks you find throughout the game. (MOUSE2 by default)

Where is the magical watering can in build a bear?

you need to buy it from the lumber yard.

How do you build a cops and robbers on Minecraft?

use your creativity... thats what minecraft is about

How do you build things in Minecraft?

Go to a site called minecraft wiki

Where can you build a house in MineCraft?

You can build your house anywhere you want in the world of Minecraft. One of the best places is to build where you first find coal. Also, try to build in a place that's flat.

What do you do if im a builder on Minecraft?


500 bitfenix prodigy pc build for steam and minecraft Case only?

Minecraft is a popular game. In this game you get to build a world.

Can you build a house with straw on Minecraft?

There is no such thing as 'straw' in Minecraft. So you can't.

In bear university were is the magic watering can build a bear ville?

at the train station

What is Minecraft 7?

There is no such thing as Minecraft 7. Minecraft, however, is a creative game where players build things out of cubes.