How do you bring to life a fossil?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What you have to do is when you are underground(on Pokemon diamond/ pearl) you put the fossil in your bag. Next go to the city where you get your first bag , go to the mine go inside talk to the man. He will ask you to go outside just go in and out. Talk to him again then he will give you shieldon or cranidos.

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Q: How do you bring to life a fossil?
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How do you evolve armor fossil?

Bring it to the mining museum talk to the guy in the counter he will bring to life

Where to you bring fossil Pokemon to bring them back to life?

The Devon Co.'s building in rustboro (second floor).

What is a helix fossil?

It is the fossil of the pokemon omantye. You need to go to cinnabar island to Bring it to life then you get omantye starting at Lv.5

What do you do with a helix fossil?

go to cinnabar island and give it to a the guy in the lab he will bring it back to life.

How do you bring a fossil back to life on Pokemon platinum?

you revive them in the town of oreburgh in the scientist's building

How do you bring your fossils to life in HeartGold?

Find a fossil in the ruins and take it to the guy in the far right side of pewter mueseum

How can you make a fossil in Pokemon White come back to life?

you go to the museum section in lenora's gym and talk to the first person on the right then you give the person your fossil and she will bring it back as a Pokemon

What do you do with the old aber stone on FireRed?

The Old Amber can be used at Cinnabar Island's Lab to revive an Aerodactyl, much like the Dome Fossil and Helix Fossil are used to bring a Kabuto and Omanyte to life.

Is a fossil a weapon?

No, a fossil is not a weapon. Fossils are the remains or traces of organisms that lived in the past and are typically found preserved in rocks. They are important for understanding the history of life on Earth but are not used as weapons.

Where do you bring Claw Fossil?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald you enter the Devon Cooperation in Rustboro City on the second floor. From there, talk to the professor that says that he is trying to resurrect Pokemon from fossils. If you have the Claw or Root Fossil, (Find in the desert) he will say that he wants to try to bring the fossil back to life. Say yes, and exit the room. Make room in your Pokemon Party and come back. He will say that it is done. If you gave him a Claw Fossil, you will have a Level 20 Anorith. If you gave him a Root Fossil, you will have a Level 20 Lileep.

How can you turn the plume fossil into archen?

Bring it to Nacrene museum

How do you get kabuto?

Obtain a dome fossil and bring it to the lab on Cinnabar Island