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talk to the ruin maniac at the route on the left of fallabor town he will tell you its at the on2nd floor in the bottem right corner

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Q: How do you bring fossil back alive on Pokemon emerald?
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How do you get cradily in Pokemon emerald?

in route 111 desert you find mirage tower before that you should have a Pokemon which has rock smash and a mach bike go to the top and you can find two fossils pick up root fossil and go to rustboro city and go inside a building and in 2 floor you will see a man talk to him and give him the fossil and he will bring the Pokemon alive in lv1 evolve it i think it will avolve at 40 to cradily

Where do you bring Claw Fossil?

In Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald you enter the Devon Cooperation in Rustboro City on the second floor. From there, talk to the professor that says that he is trying to resurrect Pokemon from fossils. If you have the Claw or Root Fossil, (Find in the desert) he will say that he wants to try to bring the fossil back to life. Say yes, and exit the room. Make room in your Pokemon Party and come back. He will say that it is done. If you gave him a Claw Fossil, you will have a Level 20 Anorith. If you gave him a Root Fossil, you will have a Level 20 Lileep.

How do you trade Pokemon from from Pokemon Channel to Pokemon Emerald?

you bring out this long cord and plug it in to the game boy

What key to bring out registered key item in Pokemon emerald?


Is there a cheat to get Pokemon from the mining museum on Pokemon diamon?

No, you just have to uncover a fossil and bring it to the man in the museum. After a few minutes he gives you a pokemon, depending on what fossil you gave him.

Where do you get a anorith in Pokemon Emerald?

In the dessert there are 2 fossils at the very back on the right. One is a plant fossil and that will give you lileep the other will give you anorith. Take the fossil you chose back to rustboro city and talk to the guy on the second floor and he will bring it back to life.

How do you bring back a loss save data in Pokemon emerald?

Sorry but you can't.

Could you bring out your Pokémon out in Pokémon Emerald?

If you mean follow you around in the adventure mode (walking around and stuff) then no, not in Pokemon Emerald.

Where to you bring fossil Pokemon to bring them back to life?

The Devon Co.'s building in rustboro (second floor).

What does a heart scale do on Pokemon emerald?

Bring it to the man west of fallabor town and he will teach one of your Pokemon a new move

Where do you get fossiels in Pokemon pearl?

If you're talking about fossils, you can get them by digging underground. Once you have one, make room in your party and bring the fossil to the building above the Pokemon Center in Oreburgh City. Talk to the professor behind the counter and ask him to make your fossil come alive. Then leave and to back inside the building and talk to the professor again. But there is one fossil that you can't get in Pearl, the Skull Fossil, which turns into a Cranidos. You can get it by trading with a friend who has a Skull Fossil though.

What is a helix fossil?

It is the fossil of the pokemon omantye. You need to go to cinnabar island to Bring it to life then you get omantye starting at Lv.5