How do you break up in sims 2 fast?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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have your one of sims cheat on the other in front of their "current" partner.

flirts count as cheating.

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Q: How do you break up in sims 2 fast?
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How do you divorce your sims in sims 2 pets?

You cant divorce you 'Break up' But your sims have to be in a very bad relationship

In sims 2 can you get divoriced?

Yes, but its not called a divorce it just says "break up" whether your Sims are married or not.

In sims 2 double deluxe how do you break up with your date?

if your asking this you are a !@# !! ! !@#$% and you are a wuss and a !@#$!@ !@#$%!@# !@#$!

How do you stop the going steady on Sims 2?

When you click on either of the Sims who are going steady there is an option to break up, just click that.

Sims2 how to get sims to break up?

you make your 2 people start been nasty to each other and argue until there is an option to break up.

Can a pet break a leg in sims 2?

Are you playing Sims 2 apartment life? If so, then no it is not possible for a Sim animal to break a leg.

How do you fast forward on the sims 2 psp?

Unfortunately, you cannot speed up the game in any way.

How does your sim break a bone on sims 2?

If you are talking about the Sims 2 on the computer, that should never happen.

How do you break an object in Sims 2 for the PS2?

u cant break it at all.

How do you break up 2 engaged people in the sims 2?

drive the relationship down to the minus area, then you can select break up, beware though once you break up, there is no turning back because that Sim will turn into your enemy so care should be administered..

On sims 2 can you get umarried?

Yes. Lower the relationship with the couple then select one of the sims that is married to the other one and click on the other one and select 'Break Up'.

How do you get a sim to leave another sim at the altar in sims 2?

I've had to do this many times need to have those to sims fight fight fight . and eventually , they will wanna break up . you will know when you click on your sims yu clickclick on your simsclick on irritateargueeventually... this will on your simsclick on FIGHTclick on BREAK UPthen once yu click on that , your sims will break up . one of your sims will move out of the house . but then yu can always play them because they are in the bin with the families that have no home yet(=