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you slide into them

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2009-07-20 00:06:35
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Q: How do you break the snowballs in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get to Candice on Pokemon diamond?

You have to remove snowballs and try to stop sliding on the ice

How can you get to snowpoint city in Pokemon Diamond?

Use All Ur Might To Crush The Snowballs.

Can gym badges break in Pokemon diamond?

NO. Of course not.

How do you break the rocks in the cave on Pokemon diamond?

get the HM strength, and teach it to a Pokemon

Where can you get brick break Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Oreburgh Gate

How do you break the last snowball in snowpoint gym?

You have to slide through the snowballs. That's the only way to destroy the snowballs.

How do you destroy the snowballs in the 7th gym in Pokemon pearl?

you have to walk "slide" to different parts of the wall and use your momentum to break them by sliing as fast and hard as you can

Ok so I've broken all the other snowballs in snowpoint city in Pokemon diamond how do i break the very last one that is right in front of the stair case in the middle?

you go to the snow patch furthest to the left that is past the two snowbal you cant break near the person and then you slide down and smush the snowball.

How do you break the rugged rocks in ravaged path on Pokemon diamond version ds?

To break the rocks in the Ravaged Path on Pokemon Diamond you need to use the HM Rock Smash. To use the HM Rock Smash you have to teach it to a Pokemon and then select in on your Pokemon party menu.

How do you get brick break on Pokemon diamond?

TM 31 is a Battle Tower prize.

In Pokemon diamond where do you find nidoran?

it appers on route 201 (mass out break)

Where o get brick break in Pokemon diamond?

Trade in BP for it at the battle tower

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