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You can play as the joker u just need to purchase the maps.

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Q: How do you become the joker in batman arkham asylum for PS3?
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Can you be joker on batman arkham asylum for xbox360?


Can you play the joker on batman arkham asylum?


How do you download joker in batman arkham asylum?

you can only download the joker for batman arkham asylum on the PlayStation 3. at the playstaion store, go to add on's, then click ps3 add ons then hit batman arkham asylum and find joker then download and enjoy!

Should you get Batman arkham asylum?

You should get batman Arkham Asylum especially for PS3 if you can. You can get the play as the Joker Challenge Map. But, Batman Arkham Aylum 2 is coming out this fall in 2010.

Does the joker die in the new batman game?

If you are talking about Batman Arkham City then yes. If you're talking about Batman Arkham Asylum, then no.

In what way is the Arkham Asylum related to the character Batman?

The Arkham Asylum location is related to Batman through the means of the Joker character, or more specifically his minions. The Asylum serves as the location where multiple members of the Joker's gang were relocated to.

Can you play as joker in batman arkham asylum?

Yes, but only on the PS3 version.

How do you play as the joker in batman arkham asylum on the 360?

You cannot. Only on PS3.

How do you find Harley Quinn in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Go to Joker's place.

Batman arkham asylum cheat to unlock joker?

PS3 exclusive my friend, sorry..

Why arnt batman arkham asylum toys?

There are Batman Arkham Asylum toys which is in stores January 2011. Batman Harley Quinn Scarface The Joker Scarecrow Action figures based on the most critically acclaimed superhero game ever! Batman Arkham Asylum available now wherever books are sold! Batman Arkham Asylum The award winning graphic novel Written by: Grant Morrison Art by: Dave McKean In stores Now! "A Comic Legend." Batman Arkham Asylum serious house and serious earth.

Will there be a new batman game after arkham city?

It will be a prequel to arkham asylum, it'll be about batman's first encounter with the Joker, and is based on the Silver Age of DC comics from the 1950s