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Shapeshifter Training

Buy Spell: 500 Gold And you must be level 1

--Then you must do the quest, and on every quest there are 5 rounds. For every quest you do you get an monster to shapeshift in. But you have to have the level to do a quest. You're level depends on which monster you're gonna get! - (Sorry for bad English)

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Q: How do you become a shapeshifter on adventure quest?
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How do you become a mythologicalcreature on adventure quest?

Become a shapeshifter, level up and do quests given by the guy and you can eventually turn into the Raydius Dragon.

Can you become a Drakel as in a class with armor on Adventure Quest?

no you can't, you can become a shapeshifter and transform into other creatures but not a drakel, sorry! I am level 66 and my username is BARKCODE

When was Shapeshifter's Quest created?

Shapeshifter's Quest was created in 2005.

How do you become a minotaur on adventure quest?

You can't.

Do you have to download or buy adventure quest?

no you don't have to buy or download adventure quest. It is free. BUT! if you want to become a member you have to pay adventure quest worlds is a monthly payment but adventure quest, dragon fable, mech quest and warpforce is a once in a lifetime payment

How do you become a guardian in adventure quest?

you will have to pay money

How do you become a gaurdian on adventure quest?

pay 20 $

Can you become an alpha werewolf in Adventure Quest?

You Can't

How do you become immortal in adventure quest worlds?

you cant

How do you get the guardan armor in adventure quest?

Become a guardian

Do you get kicked from adventure quest if you don't become a guardian?


How do you become a dragon on adventure quest worlds?

You cannot.