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To become a mermaid, your sims need to eat mermadic kelp, which you can get in two ways.

1) Your sim needs to be good friends with a mermaid and then use the 'Ask About Fish Parts' interactions while having your sim underwater with your sim's mermaid friend. If the interaction is successful, the mermaid will give your sim mermadic kelp, which you can then eat.

2) Your sim can also buy the 'Mermadic Kelp' lifetime reward for 25000 lifetime happiness points. After that, mermadic kelp will appear on your sim's inventory.

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Q: How do you become a mermaid in Sims 3 Island Paradise?
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How do you have a mermaid sim in Sims 3?

In the Sims 3 Island Paradise your sims can become a mermaid. In order to become a mermaid, a mermaid must give you the mermaid kelp or in life time rewards you can purchase it. Your sim must be human to become a mermaid (not a vampire, wolf, etc.)

Can you be a mermaid or merman in The Sims series?

Yes, if you get the Sims 3: Island Paradise expansion pack. In the past if you download custom outfits

On The Sims 2 how do you become a mermaid?

You can't actually become a mermaid but you can download mermaid outfits, that is the closest you can get to being one.

How can you become a mermaid or merman in The Sims 3?

You first need to download custom content from a third party website. Once installed, it will appear in your game. Hi! I'm sorry, but I don't know how to make a Merman, but I do know how to make a merMAID. Go to the official Sims 3 website, go to the exchange and type in Casie Snow. It should be there! Now with the new island paradise expansion: You have to eat magic kelp given to you by a memriad or merman.

How do you become a mermaid on the Sims 2 deluxe edition?

You can't turn into a mermaid in any of the Sims games.

How do you make a mermaid potion on sims?

You can't, there is no such thing as a mermaid potion. If you want to become a mermaid on the Sims the only way to do so is by downloading a pre-made mermaid Sim.

How do you become a mermaid on the sims 3?

i believe its regular way as on computer, you must have island paradise expansion pack for (computer only?), be great friends with them, ask about fish parts, like i believe, 50 50 chance of getting MERMAID KELP!, eat the kelp (must be above water), and ta da!

Can your sim become a mermaid in Sims 3?

They can only have mermaid costumes. They don't look that real you can see their feet. If you want your Sim to be a mermaid, buy the Sims 2 of download a mermaid Sim from the Internet.

What Sims 3 expansion pack has mermaids in it?

Nobut there may be one in the future expansion packs, probablyin Island Paradise.

Where can you download The Sims 3 Island Paradise?

The only legal way to download The Sims 3 Island Paradise is to buy it through Origin and then download it from there. Any other way would be considered as pirating and that is illegal.

Can you turn into a mermaid in the Sims 3 wii?

I heard that if you catch a mermaid while fishing if you let her go she'll turn you into a mermaid. You have to be skill ten in fishing and it is best if you have the angler trait because you gain levels faster. This may be for one of the other sims games but this is the one i've heard about the most so i hope it helps! :D

How do you mix fish dna with human dna to become a mermaid on sims 2?

You can't, the Sims games does not have mermaids.