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The third gym is Fantina's gym and she has ghost Pokemon. As long as you have a Pokemon with bite or crunch, it should do okay. Otherwise, you could just use a Staravia. Since it is part normal type, all ghost type moves are effectless. One thing to look out for is curse. It will take out 1/4 of your max hp EVERY TURN! Bibarel might do good.

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Q: How do you beat the 3rd gym in Pokemon platinum?
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What should I do on Pokemon platinum?

beat the gym leaders

Where do you go after you beat the third gym in Pokemon Platinum?

Go beat the fourth

How do you get the icicle badge in Pokemon Platinum? beat the 7th gym

After you get to vielstone in Pokemon platinum what do you do?

Go to the veilstone gym and beat maylene.

How do you get rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

beat gym leader Candice

How do you get to canalave city in Pokemon platinum?

beat the heart home gym

How do you deafet the 3rd gym leader in Pokemon platinum?

You use your strong(est) Pokemon to kill the Gym Leader's Pokemon.

How do you get eight gym badge in Pokemon platinum?

you must beat the eighth gym leader and he will give you the badge.

In Pokemon platinum how to you get to socolice town?

beat Fantina in the hearthome city gym

Where to get get strength on Pokemon platinum?

beat bryon in the steel gym, canalve city

What is the gym that use fighting Pokemon platinum?

it's the 3rd badge!

In Pokemon platinum what do you do after you beat the team galactic HQ?

you go to sunyshore city and beat the gym leader