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Max out the intellect stat and you'll be hitting 70+ with mage when you fight him (but don't use necromancy spells because he is resistant to them).

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Q: How do you beat the 3rd boss on swords and sandals 3?
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Is there a swords and sandals 4?

Yes ther is (if you have played the 3rd version it is like that but is played on a bord not sure what I mean well type in swords and sandals 4 hacked and you will be leval 100 lol

How do you beat the team galactic boss the 3rd time on platinum?

You attack his Pokemon until they are unconscious.

What is the best team 2 beat the 3rd boss in thegittingham palace in dragon quest IX?

I used 4 priests. Three of them attacked with spears and I healed them when the boss took damage off them. Equip them all with plain clothes as theses have good resistance to the boss's attacks. After using the same tactic many times you will beat the boss.

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beat the 3rd level to get a bonus star. Get the dude and make him into the second to last and keep on breathing fire and it will probably kill him. i don't know?

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Concentrate on hitting the switches in the order that they appear in. I usually ignore Dry Bones & head strait to the switchs.

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listen to the last part of spongebob truth or square for wii and then go play wii and do the same thing as it showed you or do better.

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The Elder Guardian in the ocean monument is the third boss.

How do you beat the boss in kingdom heart 1 in the 3rd district of traverse town?

block his attacks and use magic if you already have cure USE IT when guard armor gets stunned attack him

How do you beat legends of Zelda skyward swords 3rd silent realm?

you can look it up on youtube, thats what i did but if you want to do it legit and have that scence of acheivement, persistance and effort is all it takes. use the blue beacons and map to your advantage

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The answer to this question is Sir M. Connelly of the 3rd battalian of WW2 said "thats a can do boss."

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The name of the 3rd Inuyasha Movie is: Swords of an Honorable Ruler.

How do you beat the final boss on sonic rush?

hit his hand and he will go to the side of the pillar crawl up his arm an hit his head fast (duck if you need to) repeat it till he begins to hit the pillar when he does it for the 3rd time hit his head fast