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Most recommend to constantly use Donkey Kong's down B attack repeatedly until the 15 minutes are up. You can cheat by using the Master Hand glitch since Master Hand cannot be defeated.

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Q: How do you beat the 15 min melee in ssbm?
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Ssbm how to unlock kongo jungle n64 stage?

You Need To Successfully complete 15-Minute Melee mode to unlock the Kongo Jungle 64 stage.

How do you unlock Konga Jungle in GameCube Super Smash Bros Melee?

You have to beat 15 minute melee. I started with it

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Get all the characters, Play 500 melee's, Finish target test with all characters, Get 2,000 ft in home-run contest, Finish 15 minute melee in multi man melee mode, Finish all the event matches, Get the birdo and pidgit trophy.

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