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bring a strong psychos type, a ground type depending on what the poison types are and also a steel type if it is available in the game you playing for resistant reasons

send out the steel type/ground (depends on what you brought) and finally the psychos type to finish it off

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Q: How do you beat poision type Pokemon?
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What is super effective to dark type Pokemon?

fighting types n poision

What Pokemon beat electric?

Ground type Pokemon can beat Electric type Pokemon easily.

How can you beat meta gross in pokemon ruby?

You can beat it with Ground type Pokemon or Fire type Pokemon easily.

What type of Pokemon can beat a ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon black Verizon?

You can beat a ghost type with another ghost type (Like Haunter)

What type of Pokemon can beat a ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon black?

thunder pokemon

What type of Pokemon can beat any type of Pokemon?

No type can beat the other types in pokemon they each have strengths and weaknesses and not one can conquer the rest.

Beat ghost type Pokemon?

Dark type can beat ghost.

Can you evolve a tentacool with a water stone?

No. Tentacool Is a water/poision-type pokemon. it evolves into tentacruel starting at lv. 30

What type of pokemon can beat a electric pokemon not a rock type or psychic type?


What type of Pokemon dark Pokemon can beat?


What type of Pokemon can beat a flying type Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

Rock, electric and ice.

How do you beat blain in Pokemon FireRed?

with water type and rock type pokemon.