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You have to shoot the 5 guards so that none of the others sees it.

As the lower guard walks right, wait for the guard on the balcony to enter, then exit and head back to the right. As he does, shoot the guard on his left, then him. When the lower guard turns back to the left, shoot him as he goes behind the wall from the last guard. Shoot the last guard.

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Q: How do you beat outskirts on sniper assassin 4?
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How do you beat charlie on sniper assassin 4?

you jump off the highest point and then go to the toilet

How do you beat gigolo on Sniper assassin 4?

He is the guy on the couch between the women. This is the lower window on the far right.

In sniper assassin 4 what is the level code to get past nocturnal?

There isn't one. NOCTURNAL is the last level on Sniper Assassin 4.

What is the level code for the last level in sniper assassin 4?

The level code for the last level in Sniper Assassin 4 is "nocturnal." This is the 13th (last) mission.

What is the code for level 5 on sniper assassin 4?


What is the pass code on sniper assassin 4 after nocturnal?


What is the level code for mission 6 sniper assassin 4?

it is 765

What is the level code for the level after nocturnal on sniper assassin 4?

Nocturnal is the last level code. There are only 13 missions and the series was concluded in Sniper Assassin: Final (#5) in 2010.

How do you beat level 3 on sniper assassin 3?

Level 3 of Sniper Assassin 3 is called "bloodpile".There are four guys sitting at a table three floors down (left side). When the waiter walks away, shoot the rod holding up the chandelier above them, and it will fall and kill all 4 guys.

Why don't the codes work for sniper assassin 4?

because snipers do not have cheats they tricked you!!!!!!!!!!

Where can you play sniper assassin 4?

Sniper Assassin 4 came out in November, 2009 and has been widely linked. The level code entry on the main site, Addicting Games, has problems. You can open the various coded levels at linked sites such as

How many bombs are there in sniper assassin 5 tick tock?

seven, 3 on the post, 4 on front of the boxes