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By moving the horse on the far left in front of the pawn (up two spaces and to the right) that is in front of the other horse next to the king. Then put a black bishop on the square directly below the bottom horse, and to the king's immediate left.

How do you beat Level/Chapter (whichever) 7, make the move that does NOT checkmate Black? It is the one with the sphinx.

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I have been stumped by this puzzle since I was 8 now I am 20 and was still stumped. Your solution worked but I still don't understand why. It seems super random to place the bishop on b1.

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Q: How do you beat majestic chess level7 memorial to the eagles?
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i dont kow who's turn is it... black or white

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How do you beat tower of many betrayals in majestic chess level 8?

You put Black King on h1 and white king on f3 and do not move any other pieces.

How do you beat majestic chess level 7 the sphinx riddle?

It is a riddle; the correct move is (the white rook) Rc6, blocking the white bishop's pin on the black rook.

How do you defeat majestic chess level 5 thuvus?

LOL if u saved up ur money you can use your items that u bought{crown and king symbol} and you can beat him easily

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One of the hints is "what was blacks last move?" Clearly, it was pawn to b5! Using en passent, you move your pawn on a5 to b4. this is checkmate 'cause it puts the king in check with your rook.

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