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first you go to the gift shop. then you talk to the green penguin.ask him "did the door seem tampered with?" then he will close the vault and wont be able to open it. then go to the office.go to the sofa and under it you will see something black. click it and you see that its a CD. take it and also take the paper clip.then go to the computer and put the CD in.turn the computer "my files"then click"combination code"then open the vault with the combination code.then look at the coins on the top. go back to HQ and talk to G.get the key to the roof and go back to the gift the roof and stare with amazement at the humongo magnet.use the wrench in your spy phone to open the "fuse box thing" once u have it open put the paper clip inside.The go to the HQ and get the flaslight

Then go talk to G then he will say could you help me turn the power back on bla bla bla so then you go and use your flashlight and go to the night club. Find the fuse box and try to get all the circles to light up green by clicking on the red circles. If u did not understand there are instructions in the fuse box. After you get all the circles to light up red then you go to the HQ and talk to G then BAM!!! You are done

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Q: How do you beat club penguin mission 3?
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What do you do to beat mission 3 in club penguin the game?

try the cheat codes online and get back to me if that does not work

How do you beat the Mission 3 in Club Penguin?

im not sure but if u go to youtube and put level 3 cheats it well show u that is wat i do when i need to do a mission on poptropica.

How do you do challenge 3 on club penguin?

you do the mission or task

In club penguin mission 3 where do you get the binoculars?

it is by the town

What do you do to fix the avalanche on Club Penguin?

Go to YouTube and type Club Penguin Mission 3 Avalanche Rescue.

How do you beat missoin 3 on club penguin?


How do you complete mission 3 on club penguin?

you dont lol

How do you get the combination on mission 3 on club penguin?

for the cobinationtype in key

Where is the key for mission 3 on club penguin?

it is the first one

Avalanche rescue on Club Penguin?

Just go YouTube and type Club Penguin mission 3 Avalanche Rescue.

How do you get i the boiler room on mission 3 in club penguin?

you cant unless you have a certain book or membership on cp. (club penguin)

When does club penguin mission 10 get released?

in about 3 weeks I think.