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You go over to the metal boxes. Behind the tallest stack there is a door, open it and there are a series of traps you must bypass to find a gold sword. With this gold sword you can defeat Canal Royale.

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Q: How do you beat canal Royale in drawn to life the next chapter?
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How do you beat Drawn to Life the next chapter?

well, you have to beat wilfre in the ds version but you have to destroy a monstor in the wii version

How do you beat the boss in the galactic jungle on drawn to life the next chapter?

ask a friend to help you find some cheats

How do you beat the galactic jungle in drawn to life the next chapter?

What part are you at? There aren't really any cheats, but when you get to the second part of galactic jungle, you finally get spider form!

How do you beat the first boss on drawn to life 2 the next chapter?

To beat Bakibeard, if that's who you mean, climb up the small ghost's heads and jump on Bakibeard's head, or you can just jump on his head whenever he whooshes past you.

What Pokemon can you use to beat the final battle royale in Pokemon Rumble?

A good one.

How do you beat the lava boss in Drawn To Life The Next Chapter?

the one in lava steam? that's easy. dodge him, and pound down on his fists when he comes up towards you. you'll do this and then have to beat a machine. (you pound down on that too) you have to beat each a few times and at first its frustraiting, but it can be beaten.

How do you beat bakibeard on drawn to life the next chapter?

Jump on the smaller ghost rapo and then jump onto Bakibeard's head. You can jump on his head when he runs by but be careful because he damage you if you don't do it correctly.

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How do you beat the ghost on drawn to life after you kill deadwood?


In what chapter does kyoko from skip beat meet vie ghoul?

They meet in Chapter 80