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for me its really easy because i have been on Club Penguin for years. what you do is find all the soda barrels and put them in the net. after you get 1 it unlocks another and I'm" pretty sure there is 5 of them. after you find all the soda barrels the water will turn back to blue. you take your sub down into the bottom of the ocean. you have to pass through a lot of obstacles it takes about 10 minutes. you will find bubbles to breathe and the rare treasure. you have to hold on to it. it might drop so pick it up quickly and zoom out of there but don't scared the fish! you will float up with your sub and place the treasure into the net. you will get about 1000 coins. it takes a couple tries. i hope this helped you =)

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Q: How do you beat aqua grabber soda seas on club penguin?
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Club penguin were to go on aqua grabber?

The Aqua-Grabber game is at the iceberg, click on the diving vehicle on the right side of the it.

How do you complete the aqua grabber field op on club penguin?

go to the hidden lake and click on the broken aqua grabber

How do you beat level 2 on aqua grabber club penguin?

Collect soda barrels then find the amethyst and take it into the net

Where is aqua grabber on club penguin?

on the iceberg it is on the far right of the map

How do you spot the squid on aqua grabber on club penguin?

You wait at the bottom

How do you get the red fish on club penguin aqua grabber?

grab it hahahahaha

Is there a level the in aqua grabber on club penguin?

Yes, there is but you need to get the massive pearl

Where is the wrecked vehical on club penguin?

the broken aqua grabber in the hidden lake

Where is the rare tresure on club penguin aqua grabber?

The rare treasure on aqua grabber is the black pearl on clam waters it is worth 50 coins. There you have it!

What games are good for getting coins in club penguin?

Aqua grabber and fishing are good for getting coins in club penguin.

How do you get past the mini blow fish in Aqua Grabber on Club Penguin?

You go AROUND it :)

How do you catch the Freddy fish on aqua grabber in club penguin?

u grab him when he is asleep