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Use any Water type move, Ice type move, Rock type move, Steel type move or Electric type move.

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Q: How do you beat aerodactyl in Pokemon FireRed?
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Can you catch a aerodactyl in pokemon ruby?

No, but you can trade from firered/leafgreen.

What game has a aerodactyl or a kabuto that you can trade to your Pokemon emerald game?

Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

Aerodactyl in Pokemon FireRed?

Aerodactyl can only Mega Evolve into Mega Aerodactyl. Permanently, Aerodactyl cannot evolve any further.

How do you get aerodactyl in Pokemon emerald?

You need firered or leafgreen to trade you one.

Where is aeradactyl in Pokemon FireRed?

Aerodactyl is revived from one of the fossils that you receive in Mt. Moon.

What Pokemon should I train in FireRed?

I started with squirtle, got a paras to beat misty, got a dratini for it's overall stats, got a rhyhorn to beat my rival's pokemon, got an aerodactyl for many reasons, and I still don't fully understand what you're asking.

How do you complete Pokemon FireRed?

beat the Pokemon league

What is there to do after you beat Pokemon FireRed?

Catch all the Pokemon!

How do you beat the pokemon leauge in Pokemon FireRed?

beat the elite four and the champion.

How do you learn amcient power in pokemo FireRed?

Most rock type Pokemon learn this move like Aerodactyl.

How do you beat the pokemon league in Pokemon FireRed?

nuke em

What do you do when the person turned the amber into a Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed version?

Well you collect it from the cinninbar laboratory and it should be an aerodactyl if you ask me that is one great Pokemon you should train it