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you should use air types because duna is a water type and air against water is super effective you should take out duna first then get the other vivisaurs

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Q: How do you beat Duna in Fossil fighters?
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On fossil fighters how do you beat duna?

You have to use Shoni,Cotalus,andAmargo and dynal!!!!

How do you get raptin and duna on fossil fighters?

You can get Duna and Raptin and dinomation by getting 100 vivosaurs.

When can you fight Duna in fossil fighters champions?

i need help.

Will duna be in super fossil fighters?

as fare as I now yes.

What vivosaurs should you use to beat duna in fossil fighters?

Do not use fire types. Duna will kill you. Use air types that you can use team skills with. Use Spinax, Coatlus, and Stego.

How do you move the boulders on fossil fighters?

Duna Comes And Blasts It With Her Lazer!

How do you get duna raptin and dynal in fossil fighters?

get all 100 vivosaurs

In the game fossil fighters how do you get the two forms of raptin and duna?

You get 100 vivasaurs then.......

What is the legendary fossil in fossil fighters champions?

there are actuly 5 of them ignosourus and frigisourus and dynal duna and raptin!!

What are the best vivasours to use against Duna on fossil fighters?

you train any three of your dinosaur's to max level and fight duna.

What do you do to get a Duna in Fossil Fighters?

You get Duna, Raptin, and Dinomation by collecting all 1-100 Vivosurs. Next, you go to the starship. After you beat Dynal for the Sob idolcomp for the time machine, go back and fight Duna Raptin and Dynal at the same time! It is incredibly hard!

On fossil fighters what vivosaurs are strong against duna?

air-type vivosaurs such as spinax.