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With great difficulty.

Basically you have to shoot the acorns three times each and then shoot the blob-like thing that appears.

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Q: How do you beat Deadwood on Drawn to Life?
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How do you beat the ghost on drawn to life after you kill deadwood?


How do you beat deadwood in drawn to life?

You need to hit those pinecone things that are hanging from the land. after that you gotta kill the shadow creature inside of deadwood

How do you not get killed by deadwood in Drawn To Life?

you shoot the acorn looking things. then you shoot the shadow guy about 5 times.

How do you beat drawn to life SpongeBob?

Look for online walkthroughs, it always helps.

How do you beat Drawn to Life the next chapter?

well, you have to beat wilfre in the ds version but you have to destroy a monstor in the wii version

How do you beat the angler king in drawn 2 life?

You shoot him with starfish and kill the shadow fish.

How do you beat the creature inside deadwood?

find him and shoot him with acorns but dont let him jump on you and you should not jump on him

How do you beat baki beard on drawn to life 2?

you jump on the highest baki ghost that comes and bounce on bakibeards head

How do you beat the boss in the galactic jungle on drawn to life the next chapter?

ask a friend to help you find some cheats

Which game is more awesome spongebob drawn to life or drawn to life?

drawn to life is awesome

How do you beat wilfre on drawn to life?

well you would do is shoot him with your gun and try to beat his scorpian. a monster like wilfre will try to defeat you but i know you guys are stronger than him.

When did Drawn to Life?

Drawn to Life happened in 2007.