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Have stronger polemon then here and make sure to mix up your types you don't want her to beat all six of your Pokemon with only one of hers

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Q: How do you beat Cynthia in Pokemon white?
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Where does Cynthia go after you beat her in Pokemon white?

back to sinnoh

What do you do after you beat Cynthia on Pokemon white?

Catch new legends!

How do you get to cynthia in platinum?

Beat the pokemon league Cynthia is the champion

What do you do after you beat alder and Cynthia in Pokemon Black and White?

look for the seven sgaes if u did that ur done

How do you finish Pokemon white?

you have to find all the seven sages ,beat Cynthia ,alder and the elite four.

How do you get Lucario in Pokemon black?

You can fight Cynthia in black or white after you beat the elite four and ask for him/her at GTS.

What do you do after you beat Elite Four Lucian in Pokemon pearl?

You then have to beat Cynthia

What do you do after you beat Cynthia in Pokemon white?

nothing in particular is supposed to happen.when u beat her come back the next day and shauntal will be there(elite four ghost)but she just talks to u beat Cynthia again and a different elite four comes.

What trainers can you rebattle in Pokemon Black and White 2?

The elite four, the champion, (Cheren, Bianca,you have to find them)and,(Cynthia,after you beat the game)

Where do you verse Cynthia on Pokemon black an white?

After you beat N and the Elite Four the first time, you can verse Cynthia in Undella Town. She has her Platinum/Pearl/Diamond team plus more Pokemon. Level 70's Plus.

How do you complte Pokemon diamond?

Beat Cynthia after Elite Four

How do you beat Cynthia in Pokemon Diamond?

Get lots of fire type Pokemon! hope it helps!