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To easily defeat Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, use cards that don't target a specific monster on the field (Dark Hole, Mirror Force, Raigeki, etc.), since that monster's effect states that it can't be defeated by card effects that target this specific card.

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Q: How do you beat Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon?
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How do you beat shining force?

I almost positive but I think that you have to beat the Dark Dragon. He has three heads that i think have unlimited magic. but yeah

Can blue-eyes shining dragon destroy a raindow dragon?

Yes, blue-eyes shining dragon can destroy a rainbow dragon.

How much does blue eyes shining dragon cost?

A blue eyes shining dragon will cost around $5. The blue eyes shining dragon is a card with the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game.

In yuigoh world championship 2007 how do you beat the duel puzzle prove your skill?

summon winged rhino chain Needle Ceiling manually chain winged rhino activate raigeki break targeting sakeretsu Armor by discarding winged rhino flip hane-hane targeting hane-hane activate pot of generosity targeting hane-hane and blue-eyes white dragon" activate advanced ritual art summoning shinato king of a higher plane activate birthright targeting blueeyes white dragon attack with shinato king of a higher plane and blueeyes white dragon

Is there any other way to beat blue eyes shining dragon?

Anything that doesn't target it, will do. Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force, Dark Hole, etc.

Can lava golem sacrifice blue eyes shining dragon?

Yes, Lava Golem only requires Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon as a tribute. Lava Golem does not specifically target Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon nor is it an actual effect. Therefore, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon cannot activate its effect where it negates and destroys cards that designates it as a target.

Can you summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon without Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

No, there is no other method to summon Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon other than tributing one Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

What is the password for the three god cards and the blue-eyes Shining dragon?

The god cards don't have a code. But the code for blue eyes shining dragon is 53347303.

Guys could you tell me if 'Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon' could negate the 'Magic Cylinder' trap card?

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon can negate effects that target it. Magic Cylinder is a targeting card, so yes, Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon can negate it.

What is shining dragon in Japanese?


What is the password for blue-eyes shining dragon?


Who beat who in the way of the dragon?

The boy dragon beat the girl dragon. That dragon had it's way if you know what I mean.