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i dont really know


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Q: How do you beat Astrid in How do you train your Dragon the video game?
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How do you beat Red Dragon Island on video?

There is a walkthrough at the related question below and a video walkthrough at the Related Link below.

How do you defeat the dragon on level 30 on Dragon Fable?

The truth is, you don't have to be on level 30 to beat it. Simply train your train REALLY hard and teach it new skills until you defeat it. It is very simple.

How do you get the grapple grounder how to train your dragon?

the only way to get a grapple grounder is to beat the whole game and then you will unlock a grapple grounder

Where is the ninja training on Red dragon island?

You train at the Lake House (far left) but only after you beat the Yokozuna at the sumo match.

How do you train your dragon how to get all dragons?

how to get all dragons is easy ,not exactly quick but easy all you have to do is beat each tournament one after another and after each tournament you beat you unlock one dragon but you need to go and grab food for it by battling wild dragons when you have enough food your game will say quest complete then you go see gobber and he will tell you to go to the dragon pen you pick an empty space then a scroll will appear with the dragons you already have then tap on the new dragons name its picture will appear in the empty space you chose tap on the new picture exit the pen then it will ask you to customize your dragon then when your through customizing and give your new dragon a name exit the dragon pen and there you go

Who beat who in the way of the dragon?

The boy dragon beat the girl dragon. That dragon had it's way if you know what I mean.

Can you get goku super sayin 4 in the video game in Dragon Ball Z bustlimit?

you need to beat majin buu

How can you beat the mummragon on dragonfable?

go to reens in falconreach and train your potionry until it heals about 325 hp, then fight the mumragon with only your dragon

Can you beat dragon slayer from runescape at level thirty-eight?

I would train a little bit more until you are around level 50, before you start doing that quest, train your strength and defence up.

What do you need to do to beat mystery train island?

a train ticket and to search on this website for '' how to beat mystery train island''

How do you beat the fire dragon on red dragon island?

ice dragon

How do you beat dragon island?

there is no magic dragon island