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you can battle them on routes 224 and 230 in platinum

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Q: How do you battle a wild gloom in Pokemon platinum?
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Do you catch wild Pokemon on battle revolution?

No, all Pokemon on Battle Revolution are untransfeable downloads from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Should you get Pokemon platinum or Pokemon Battle Revolution?

i have both games, and in Pokemon battle revolution, all you do is battle, but it looks cool and you can copy your ds Pokemon game's Pokemon into battle revolution so you can battle with them, but platinum is an adventure game, where you walk around, challenge people and catching wild Pokemon to add to you collection.

Where can you battle a misdreavus in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon Misdreavus does not occur in the wild in Pokemon Platinum. The only way for the player to get a Misdreavus in this game is to have one traded over from another game.

How do you evolve a wild Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum?

you cant evolve a wild Pokemon in Pokemon platinum you either have to catch the wild Pokemon and then evolve him/her or kill the wild Pokemon.

Where do you go to battle in Pokemon platinum?

well if you want to battle wild Pokemon you have to search for them in patches of grass and on the water in the game and if you want to battle trianers they are along paths "routes" in the game.

Pokemon platinum action replay code for getting all the Pokemon?

There is none, there are only codes to change which Pokemon you'll encounter in a wild battle.

Where are the legendary dogs in Pokemon Platinum?

They are not found in the wild in Pokemon Platinum.

Where do you find sunstone in Pokemon emerald?

in mossdeep city and some wild Pokemon have it ,too probally wild oddish and gloom

What does sweet scent do in Pokemon platinum?

it lowens the foes evassenness, and outside of battle, stand in the grass and use it and it will lure wild Pokemon straight to you.

Where to battle a wild hittipotimus in Pokemon platinum?

I assume you mean Hippopotus. In the Ruin Manics cave. They're relatively rare.

What move is payday in Pokemon Platinum?

payday is a move that attacks the foe with money and you also earn money after battle even if it is a wild Pokemon battle.SO COOL!

What is tpmrpg?

its a Pokemon rpg were u can battle Pokemon, earn platinum coins, battle other trainers find rocks, DNA ,wild Pokemon (you can catch them with pokeballs) buy stuff from the shop or buy new Pokemon the URL is