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you need regice, regirock, and registeel in your team when you fight him

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Q: How do you awaken regigiges on Pokemon diamond?
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How do you awaken the king in Pokemon diamond?

mewtwo has to be with you

How do you get regigiges nentendo event in Pokemon pearl?

You can't. It already passed.

How do you awaken regigas in Pokemon diamond?

You have to migrate ALL THE REGIS from Emeraled, Ruby ,or Saphire

How do you awaken Diaga in Pokemon Diamond?

somwhere in a cave there are orbs in a pokeball get that orbs en go to spear pillar

Where can you find Reggias on Pokemon Diamond?

you go to the snow point temple with the other regias they awaken reggias who wich was asleep

Can you get regigiges on emerald?

No you can't there is no way to transfer Pokemon from ds game to gba games only gba to ds

How do you Mack the hole to find regice on Pokemon Diamond?

you can't catch regice in Pokemon diamond, however, with the use of all the regi's traded over you can take them to the temple in snow point city and awaken regigigas

How do you awaken regigas?

You must bring forth to the statue Regice, Regirock and Registeel. To get them you need Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald for the GBA and insert it in the GBA Slots on your DS or DS Lite. Transfer the three Pokemon onto Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and have them in your party. Then go to the statue and Regigigas will awaken.

How do you solve the slipping ice puzzle in snowpoint temple to get to regigigas in Pokemon diamond?

To awaken Regigigas you need to migrate from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald the three Regis.

Pokemon star or Pokemon Diamond?

Pokemon diamond

How do you Clown a Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't clown a pokemon,but you can awaken one from a fossil.

How do you get the red chain in Pokemon Diamond?

It opens space/time (diamond or pearl) and brings dialga or palkia forth under the command of the Team Galactic boss. It was made from some part of the three lake pokemon. The Red Chain ends up breaking and dialga/ palkia gets out of control.