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You can't.

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Q: How do you add bots in Babo Violent 2?
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Can you play babo violent 2 online?


How do you add bots in zeq 2 lite?

You really can't. ZEQ2 Heroes Of Earth includes bots.So you can download it at or at .

How do you get ace bots in paintball 2?

Type add bot

What is ping in babo violent 2 and why do you keep getting maximun ping and you cant join?

Your Ping is to see how good your internet is and when it says maximum ping you have gone over how much the game arena lets you I also play babo myself and in a clan

How do you add bots to an offline multiplayer game in Soldier of Fortune 2?


If 2 zogs equals 5 bots how many bots would equal 10 zogs?

25 bots

Do any bots work with the new update on runescape?

only 2% of the bots work and, Jagex will sue players who use bots

Is Team Fortress 2 co op?

Yes, but it is also single player, although you need to create your own server and add bots.

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Transformers Rescue Bots - 2011 Four Bots and a Baby 1-8 was released on: USA: 2 April 2012

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Yes of course. It follows from gears of war 2 bots.

Can you play with bots in battlefield 2 for PC?

In single-player you play against bots. Good for noobs too. Bots on the hardest setting are about 10x easier than fighting in multiplayer.

What do you need to play Black Ops 2 using bots offline for Xbox-360?

Go to the local in multiplayer then where it says set up bots click there then but how many friendly bots or enemy bots you want then set the difficulty to whatever you want