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In Roblox Studio, select any team in the Explorer window and press Ctrl+C. Then select the "Teams" folder and press Ctrl+V. You will now have another team inserted into the GUI! You can edit it in the Properties window.


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Q: How do you add a third team on roblox?
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How do you add teams to your Roblox game?

To add a team to Roblox, show the editing tools and click Tools --> Insert --> Service and select Team Service. Now, click Tools --> Insert --> Object and click on the object labeled "Team". Then click "Okay", and a team will be added to your place.

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Put it in starter pack on roblox studio.

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How do you uninstall roblox on PC?

Use the control panel's add or remove programs to uninstall Roblox Player and Roblox Studio.

Is there a roblox app for iPod touch?

No, however the ROBLOX dev team is working on a way to port ROBLOX to mac and create an app.

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How do you make team names on roblox?

Open your place in the Roblox studio. In the explorer select teams and find your team. Click the team you want to rename and type in the desired name in the "Name" property of the team.

How can you create a team on roblox?

To create a team on Roblox, first make sure the editing tools are shown. Then, click insert and select object. Then, click "Team" and hit okay. This will create a team, which you can then edit in the explorer window.

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