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It is called the Fog skull not the recon skull. The Fog skull takes away your radar. If you are thinking that you get recon from some sort of skull you don't. Recon is from Vidmaster challenges. The Fog skull is at the beginning of the level when you first enter the city. As soon as you enter the city, look to the top of the building to your right, there should be a flood. Kill him AS HE JUMPS and he will drop the skull.

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Q: How do you activate the recon skull at floodgate?
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How do you activate skulls in halo reach?

When you have the skull menu brought up, click on the skulls you want to activate to activate them. Simply, move the control stick to the skull, and press the button.

What are skulls on halo reach?

the primary ones are: iron skull, black eye skull, tough luck skull, catch skull, cloud skull, famine skull, thunderstorm skull, tilt skull, mythic skull and the secondary ones are: blind skull, cowbell skull, gruntbirthday party skull, iwhbyd skull and all of them are accessible from the start so you dont have to look for them. hope i helped :P

How do you get recon amor?

There are a couple ways in which you can get recon amor in Halo 3. One way is to work for Bngie and be a bungie employ. Or you could enter in a Halo 3 contest on and you could win recon armor as a prize. Or you could do outstand in Halo and you may have a chance to get recon aromor. Finally, there are rumors that you could get recon amor if you get all the achivement in the new halo game called Halo ODST, however that game will be coming out in Fall 2009. At the end of the day, it is very hard to get recon armor in Halo 3 .

What are the 7 fundamentals of recon for a military scout?

1. Ensure continuous Recon. 2. Gain and maintain enemy contact. 3. Orient on the recon objective. 4. Report information quickly and accurately. 5. Retain the freedom to manuever. 6. Utilize all recon units, neverleave them in reserve. 7.Develop the situation.

How do you get the IWHBYD Skull on H2?

it is very complicated to get the skull, you have to watch videos on how to get the skull

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What does the fog skull do on Halo 3?

the fog skull takes away your radar. you find the skull on floodgate

Where is the Halo 3 recon skull to get recon amour?

i found it on a legit map only wich i think is the only way

How do you activate skulls in halo reach?

When you have the skull menu brought up, click on the skulls you want to activate to activate them. Simply, move the control stick to the skull, and press the button.

When was Floodgate Entertainment created?

Floodgate Entertainment was created in 2000.

When was Floodgate Records created?

Floodgate Records was created in 2000.

How tall is Ian Floodgate?

Ian Floodgate is 185 cm.

How do you get the recon helmet on Halo 3?

You have to either be an employee of Bungie or have completed all of the Vidmaster Challenges. And there is a myth that there is a "recon skull" apparently in Cortana. Or at least i think it is.

What do the Halo 3 skulls do when you activate them?

I'm not sure how to use them, but when you activate a skull, I think it unlocks extras in the game.

Halo 3 what do you do with a skull when you have it?

you have to restart the game and activate skulls from the main menu

To get a halo 3 skull do you have to play the whole mission?

No. As soon as you pick up the skull (be sure to pick it up), it will be recorded as found. For some skulls, there is an achievement associated with finding it. As soon as you see this achievement, the skull is considered found. You might want to finish the level anyways, just for fun, but it is not necessary. I am 100% sure of this. I have tried it both ways, and both ways I get the skull. P.S. Try to get the skull on Floodgate. It's great.

What skull should you activate to help you on legendary for halo 3?

the cowbell skull, it gives you more bang for your buck, meaning that your grenades have bigger explosions

Where are some of the skulls located in Halo 3?

Well the Fog skull is on the level Floodgate. When you are walking towards the first battle you'll hear Flood roaring. Take note of the Flood jumping across the roofs. Use a Battle Rifle to kill the Human form when its in the air. The guy will drop the skull.